The Mangrove

swept us away

During our mission in Sumatra, our team fell in love with the mangrove ecosystem.  In this same place, we have witnessed, helplessly, the sad sight of deforestation, but we also witnessed the brave fight of the local associations who struggle against this disappearance.

Considering the gravity of this situation which keeps on getting worse, we have decided that it was time for us to act by ourselves, before it is too late. That is the reason why we created “Mangrove Generation”.

In order to preserve this vital ecosystem but with a poorly understood impact, we have gathered all the information related to mangroves (even its favorite dish) and Romain Walker, our referring expert, attached to the “EcoLab” laboratory, has verified all of our writings. The more aware we are of the importance of mangrove in our ecosystems, the more chances we will have to protect it. By sharing this information with your family and friends, you become an actor in the process of changing mentalities, and an additional safeguard against threats to our biodiversity.

The “Mangrove Generation” Team:

Eva, Cécile, Yolaine, Raphaël, Clarisse and Juliette.

Our partners

LIFE is a French NGO that supports water supply, reforestation and emergency programmes in more than 25 countries. LIFE has been helping to alleviate the plight of millions of people around the world for more than 10 years. The NGO LIFE supports this "Mangrove Generation" project as part of its SAPOUSSE programme to support reforestation in Indonesia.

The International cooperation institute (ICI) is a training institute for international cooperation and development professions, based in the Parisian region.

Yagasu is a NGO working for mangrove restoration and protection. A mangrove forest is a whole world, with its flora, fauna and inhabitants. Our aim is to restore a healthy ecosystem for biodiversity, for communities and for climate.

Yagasu is an Indonesian NGO specialized in the preservation and replanting of mangroves. It also develops the creation of income-generating activities from mangroves for communities.

The Functional Ecology and Environment Laboratory (EcoLab) is a joint research unit under the supervision of the CNRS, the University of Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier and the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. Ecolab is specialized in the study of the functioning of local communities, ecosystems and their interrelationships.

Initiatives that inspired us

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